Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners

Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners

The goal of our Guild is to promote Fibre Arts through sharing knowledge with each other and encouraging interest in our crafts throughout the community.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Joyce's Kimonos

The DCWS Guild enjoyed a presentation / trunk show from Joyce's Kimono Closet.
Joyce has a passion for kimonos which began while she was living in Japan.  She has accumulated an extensive collection of them from attending 'shrine sales', which are somewhat like our flea market sales.   Joyce still enjoys travelling to Japan and shopping for kimonos.  She often re-purposes used kimonos into western style clothes, pillows, table runners and wall hangings.

The kimono starts out as a 'bolt' of fabric, which is completely embellished and ready to be sewn.

There are 7 parts to the kimono and they are carefully laid out on the roll, which is only about 13" wide.  The kimono is lined and all hand stitched together.  To clean a kimono it is completely taken apart, laundered and then resewn ... a very costly endeavour.

A bridal kimono
Young women and Geisha wear the long sleeve kimonos.  Bright colours are for younger people. When the women marry the kimono sleeves become shorter and the colours darker as they age.
A formal kimono is usually black and worn to weddings, graduations and important celebrations.

Joyce demonstrating how to wear a kimono
 The kimono is a one size fits all garment.  It is folded and tied to fit the individual.

A wedding kimono made into a bedspread and pillows
The Obi is about 15' long and chosen, not by colour, but for its elements to match the kimono.
Joyce makes beautiful wall hangings or table runners from used Obis.


Trying on and getting a closer look.   Lovely fabrics!