Friday, March 17, 2023

DCWS Meeting: March 14th


Our membres answered our invitation to present their recent projects and other older ones and tell us their strories. How interesting!!!!

Ellen presented us a few rugs that she wove (peg weave) with large yarn that she spun.

Carole explained how she completed a "Friendship blanket" years ago. She joined woven squares with crochet stiches. The squares have been made by twelve people as part of a workshop exercise. Merino welf and wool/polyester blend for the warp.

Also, she showed us hats that she made with a "round knitting machine" she bought. All the hats she has made (approx. 80) are destined for Ukraine.

Helen presented a shawl the wove 35 years ago with single wool yarn.

Marie-José presented four scarves she made with 100% wool yarn. 

She also presented woven napkins (100% cotton). She used a pattern published in the March/April 2023 Handwoven Magazine.

Marilyn presented a pillow she made with crochet sqares. 

Dianne presented a portable handspun project (wrist distaff). See instructions HERE.

She also showed a little bag she made with flax (spun, dyed and woven).

Alix presented a beautiful shawl she made with 100% wool yarn she has spun.

Johanne showed a bag she sewed with fabric she wove. 

For our information, she also brought wool pellets made with 100% Vancouver Island wool. The are used to fertilize garden soil for many months. "Putting nutrients that have been pulled from our soil, right back where they belong".  See information on supplier HERE

Cathy presented a big blanket that she knitted a few years ago.

Venka presented a woven rug (welf face weaving) she completed a few years ago (100% wool).

Thanks everyone for sharing your projects!!! So impressive!!!

ANYONE is welcome to come to our DCWS  meetings - share some Show & Tell, review magazines and/or borrow books from our library, etc. Find out about future planned meetings HERE.