Thursday, November 23, 2023

DCWS Meeting: November 14, 2023

Show & Tell

Again this week, it was time for our members to Show & Tell all about their new and/or older completed projects. What a treat!!!

David showed a rug he made with recycled jean fabric. It's interesting to know that nine pairs of jeans is needed to make a medium rug like the one below. 

Sara showed us a rug she made thirty years ago. Made with goat yarn, it is a welf face structure.  

Marie-JosĂ© showed us three large scarfs made with 100% wool (8/2 - 2-ply) yarn. The yarn is very soft and comes from Filature Lemieux located in the province of Quebec.

JoAnne showed us Christmas sock she knitted.

Alix showed us two short sleeve sweaters she knitted with yarn she spun. The detailed color band is knitted with Alpaca.  The second sweater is made with a silk and wool.

Cathy showed us a blanket the knitted. She spun and dyed the yarn with natural color.

She also talked about a new " test project" she started with Talvi Knits.

Marilyn showed us a tea towel she made using a Jane Stafford kit.

Helen showed us a shawl she made and another project made with wool and bouclé coton.

Thank you everyone for sharing their respective projects! Impressive as always!!!

ANYONE is welcome to come to our DCWS  meetings - share some Show & Tell, review magazines and/or borrow books from our library, etc. Find out about future planned meetings HERE.