Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners

Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners

The goal of our Guild is to promote Fibre Arts through sharing knowledge with each other and encouraging interest in our crafts throughout the community.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Simply Mad About Socks

 It seems the DCWS members are pre-occupied with knitting socks.  You can see the regulars quietly knitting away during most of our meetings.  Last Tuesday Helen Thomas hosted a program about hand knitted socks.  She gave a very interesting account of her introduction to sock making.  As a school girl, she was part of the war time sock making effort.  Apparently the sock making 'bug' stuck as she is still knitting away on socks.  Other members spoke of their experiences with sock knitting and  shared their favourite patterns and some interesting  techniques.  

Helen and her Sock tale
Socks can be Colourful

Socks can be Complicated
Socks can be Playful

Made with Love and worn with Pride

Today at the DCWS Guild the hand knit socks were Beautiful!