Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners

Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners

The goal of our Guild is to promote Fibre Arts through sharing knowledge with each other and encouraging interest in our crafts throughout the community.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Swish of the Kilt

The Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners were pleased to have Steve Ashton from Freedom Kilts attend our November 17th meeting.  Steve is a designer and maker of contemporary kilts in Victoria.  He shared his knowledge about the history of tartan fabric and the making of kilts.  His stories and sense of humour made for a very interesting talk.  As he explained, after all is said and done its all about the 'swish' of the Kilt!

Steve Ashton 

Details of Construction of a hand sewn kilt.

Contemporary Kilt made by Steve Ashton

Of course you must have the proper socks to go with a Kilt.  Steve brought along his sock knitting machine.  

Portable work bench for sock knitting machine
Overview of sock knitting machine

Sara - how does this work?

Mobbed by the ladies - must be the swish of the Kilt!