Thursday, February 7, 2019

February at the Guild

DCWS participated in the 'Taste of Tulista' exhibition (Feb. 2-7) at the ArtSea Gallery in Sidney.  This show featured artists and groups that will be having an Exhibition at the Gallery in 2019.  We are pleased to be having our first (in a long while) show & sale - titled 
'Fibre Fantasia' - Sept. 27th -Oct. 3rd.

Sampling of our work for the 'Taste of Tulista' show
February's general meeting and 'Show & Tell' was a warm retreat from the wintery days.
There were some stunning items on display and good stories to be told about the creative process.

Cathy's handspun - knit blanket & supplies for next project
Jan's Tusah Silk Scarf

Helen's vest project and handspun with silk 

Anita's Towels

Suz explaining her sampling

Jan's  Sunset towels from Feb Handwoven

Alix's vest#1 from handspun
Judy's tea towels - ready for Texere
April 12-14 - Goward House Victoria