Sunday, September 17, 2017

Summers Over ... Back to Guild

The Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners Guild is back to regular meetings, Tuesday mornings at the Shoal Centre.   We enjoyed a long hot summer on the Saanich Peninsula and now its Fall.  Its time to finalize our plans for our show 'Celebrate with Fibre' at the Sidney Museum in October.  This coming Tuesday (19th) we are making felted flowers to adorn the 'Fibre Cake' to be on display at the Museum.

Here are some photos from last Tuesday's meeting .... the first 'Show & Tell' of the year.

Dave & Avis
Spectacular Rug - Dave

Avis - socks for Dave?
Tea Towel Time for JoAnne

Gossamer Fabric - Elaine

Judy - Behind a Fall Fair Ribbon Winner

JoAnne's Sweater