Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners

Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners

The goal of our Guild is to promote Fibre Arts through sharing knowledge with each other and encouraging interest in our crafts throughout the community.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Colour, Design & Stripes

The Guild was pleased to have Jan K. bring her 'Trunk" show to our meeting.  She reviewed the basics of colour and design and gave us some ideas about stripes.  Using an array of her work to portray concepts of design, colour and stripes

Design: Colour, Pattern, Texture
Inspiration - Interpretation
Quilted example of Grey Scale
             Ratios - Fibonacci
             Inspiration - Interpretation

Colour:  Tint -colour + white
               Shade - colour + black
              Tone - colour + grey
              Gray Scale
              Monochromatic - one colour
              Analagous - 3 colours side by side on colour wheel
              Complementary - colours opposite on colour wheel
              Triad - 3 colours equal distance on colour wheel

Stripes:   Symmetrical
       Strie - 4 or 5 colour threads warped together randomly
       Ombre - 2 colours graduating to solid colour